The 16-week skilling journey

How it works

Registration and

  • Register an expression of interest to send your employees to the RISE for Business programme here.
  • Official registrations is now open
  • Pay the course fee – the programme is heavily subsidized to reduce out-of-pocket expense

Undergo 16 week
application-based training

  • 360 degrees overview of Core Business & Digital Fundamentals.
  • Accelerated, in-depth coverage of one of several Specialised Digital Pathways.
  • Graduates are awarded DigitalBCG Academy Certification.

Capstone Project and
Post-program Support

  • Trainees undertake a capstone project around a digital problem statement for their company.
  • Post-programme support will be provided to graduates to help bring learnings back to the company.

Courses tailored to the needs of Singaporean businesses

Omnichannel Sales and Marketing

  • Create a new digital marketing strategy & plan for your company.
  • Increase your revenue by applying cutting edge digital sales and marketing tools.
  • Be able to measure your success.
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Digital Growth & Innovation

  • Identify concrete digital opportunities and learn how to design the next killer product.
  • Level up your company’s digital maturity with a new digital plan.
  • Be able to leverage agile management tools.
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Business and Data Analytics

  • Make data-based management decisions that unlock new growth opportunities.
  • Level up your company’s digital maturity with a new digital plan.
  • Build business intelligence and customer analytics capabilities.
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Examples of projects conducted with Corporate Partners

How it works : up to 90% funding

90% for SMEs registered or incorporated in Singapore with min. 30% local shareholding (less than 200 employees or less than SGD100 million revenue). 70% for non-SMEs

Most frequently asked questions

  • How do I apply at RISE for business?

    Registration for RISE For Business will open in early 2nd half of the year. Please submit your expression of interest HERE.

  • How do I know which learning topic is right for me?

    We encourage you to do your own research into which of the digital specializations fit your career goals and the pressing needs of your company. We will also assist you by assessing your capabilities and guiding you towards a pathway that will most likely lead to the best business outcome

  • What is the fee structure?

    The course fee is 90% subsidized for SMEs with more than 30% local shareholding. For non-SMEs, the subsidy will be 70%. Due to the unique structure of the programme, the out-of-pocket expense will be limited.

  • What is the mode of learning?

    The training is conducted completely virtually. The course will be taught through a combination of live lectures, workshops, real company projects and e-learning.

  • As an employer, how many employees can I sign-up?

    There is no limit of people that you can sign up.

  • What is the required time commitment?

    Participants will undergo a 16-week training with a cadence of 5 h during working time & 3h outside working time of self paced learning, designed to specifically minimize disruptions to normal business operations

  • Is my business eligible for RISE for Business?

    You can sign up for RISE for Business if you are a company legally registered in Singapore with a valid UEN no. Your employees have to be either Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or Long Term Visit Pass Holders to qualify for funding. Unfortunately, employees who are foreigners will not qualify for funding if they apply for RISE for Business.

  • Do I receive a certification after I complete the training?

    Yes, you will receive a DigitalBCG Academy certification if you complete the programme and have met the attendance & assessment passing criteria.

  • What is the selection process like for RISE for Business?

    Upon submitting the expression of interest form, the RISE team will reach out to you and your company representative closer to the launch date to officially register for the programme. Additional information and documents will be required then to kickstart the selection process – but rest assured paper work required is minimum. There will also be no written tests involved during the selection process for RISE for Business.

  • Am I entitled to a refund if I don’t complete the programme?

    Trainees who exit the programme without a valid reason, may be asked to return the course fee subsidy that they have received, including any additional course fee funding support.

  • Can I apply for RISE for Business as an individual?

    RISE for Business is designed for local companies in mind and the content in the course is more relevant for businesses than for the individual. If you are an individual, we recommend that you sign up for RISE 2.0 programme instead  at  However, if you are still very keen to sign up as an individual for RISE for Business, please write your appeal to and we will evaluate on a case by case basis.


  • What is the difference between RISE 2.0 and RISE for Business?

    Both RISE 2.0 and RISE for Business are digital skilling programmes run by the DigitalBCG Academy. They both aim to impart in-demand business and digital skills. However, RISE 2.0 is more tailored for individuals looking to enhance their employability, whereas RISE for Business is more tailored for businesses looking to upskill their workforce and improve their company’s digitalisation efforts.