Digital Growth & Innovation


  • Develop a business oriented mindset and skillset through structured solving, digital use cases and how to build business case directly from BCG’S own toolkits
  • Understand the current digital & technology landscape (AI, Blockchain, Big Data etc)
  • Learn how to create a successful digital transformation strategy
  • Understand what is the “art of possible’ in a digital world and how to tangibly drive digital initiatives
  • Learn how to leverage Agile and manage change


Business essentials

  • Structured problem solving (Learn from BCG’s toolkit)
  • Build a business case
  • Business communications

Digital essentials

  • Digital transformation
  • AI and data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Introduction to human centered
    design and user research
  • Journey mapping and ideation


  • Digital transformation foundation and success factors
  • Toolkits to identify and prioritize digital opportunities
  • Setup PMO and manage change
  • Agile methodology


  • Identify one specific problem statement relevant for the company to deep dive in
  • Solutioning of problem statement applying all the skills learnt (including BCG mentoring)
  • Identifying quick-wins for immediate application and craft recommendation for long term strategic plan